Calling All Runners!

Bring in a race medal or number and receive a 55 minute massage therapy treatment for the price of a 45 minute treatment:

Only $65.00 +HST  (regular price $80.00)

Offer expires November 15, 2014

Book your appointment today with April Boultbee RMT.  She is an experienced runner and an expert therapist  specializing in Swedish techniques and deep tissue massage.  Her particular interest is in working with runners and their specific needs and injuries.   Build a personalized treatment program suitable for your goals.

Some of the benefits of Massage Therapy for runners:

Pre race:

prepares your muscles for the event by increasing blood flow

-psychological benefit to ease tension and stress before the event

– can help you reenergize, relax, and get your legs back under you

Post race:

-Promotes rapid removal of metabolic waste products

-Reduces muscle soreness and fatigue

-Restores posture and gait

-Improves connective tissue healing

Maintenance Massage: 

-can help prevent injuries by catching tight areas before they become problematic.

-breaks up adhesions that may affect optimal muscle function and strength

-stimulates blood and lymph flow to help keep the muscles, joints and tendons in optimal shape

-brings awareness to areas of the body that are not functioning or responding as efficiently as possible

Injury Treatment:

-treats specific soft tissue injures with a wide variety of techniques and methods eg. tendonitis, muscle strains and sprains, shin splints and plantar fasciitis.

-reduces recovery time and helps you get back to running

-helps to reduce swelling and therefore pain